Unbearably Cute

Unbearably Cute

Should be Unbearably Cute Cat in my humble opinion.

David Jenkins spent 10 years producing a photographic essay on animals of the Arctic Circle, with particular emphasis on the Polar Bear.

His essay showed a soft and cuddly side of these animals. They are also clever and intelligent. Not as much as me, but still intelligent.

But they only come in one colour. Not the range of colours of us cats. I am lilac by the way.

Why is it that this species of bear is given publicity in major publications, when cats (like ME) aren’t?

I know why – because Polar bears are thought of as cute and cuddly when they are young, whereas some cats are considered arrogant and independent.

Not me, I have been cute since I was born.

When they grow up Polar Bears are not always cute. Just look at what one did to a harmless spy camera.

Polar bears may look cute and cuddly but pat one and you may not be saluting the National Flag again.

Let me know what you think, meow me an email.

Happy Purrs.