Pets And Not So Young Or Healthy Humans

Pets And Not So Young Or Healthy Humans

I have a friend called Leo, who has the strength of character of a champion dog.

He is in charge of a Residential Care Facility (that’s what he tells me anyway).

He has the run of the facility and always greets you with that happy dog face and a wagging tail.

I don’t know what Facility means but it must be good because all the humans there seem happy.

And isn’t that what everyone should be.

Leo loves and protects the residents and they he. He would protect them with his life.

I admire and respect Leo for his honour, because that is what I would do and will do, if called upon to assist him.

Having said that though, I have 4 questions to ask:

  • Why aren’t there more Leo’s in this world?
  • Why aren’t there more Charlies in this world?
    I would think it would be a good idea for more “Leos” and Charlies” to reside with residents in all Residential Care Facilities because having a pet around is relaxing and comforting.
  • Why don’t the Bosscats organise this so all pets, no matter what species, reside with these people?
  • What do you think?

Please Meowmail me if you have a comment, in favour or not.

Happy Purrs Always, particularly to the not so healthy.

I should point out the photo of not of Leo as he is too shy at the moment to have his photo on the internet. Hopefully I can persuade him soon to allow me to share his photo with you.

photo credit: happy golden via photopin (license)