Happy Purrs Weekly

Looking for a weekly publication full of humour, insights and opinions that you can enjoy each week?

Well, my Happy Purrs Weekly will give you these and lots more.

The following is what I, Charlie the Burmese Cat, will share with you each week.

Happy Paws WeeklyCatstrology

Your weekly horoscope so you get an idea of what the week ahead has in store for you and whether it is worth getting out of bed that week.

Happy Paws WeeklyCharlie’s Advice

Send in your questions about your relationships with loved ones, pets, workmates, neighbours and even your family. I will help you perhaps find a solution by looking at it from a different angle.

Happy Paws Weekly My Week

Giving you the insights into what has been happening in my life. You can send in your week as I am curious and want to know what is happening in your life also.

Happy Paws Weekly Sports

Looking at world sports and bringing you the plays and oops of the week. GO THE CATS!! – Geelong Cats – Aussie Rules team which is my favourite.

Happy Paws WeeklyCharlie’s Opinion

1 new opinion each week, exclusive for you, sharing my opinion about news, politics, events and important stuff happening in the world.

Happy Paws WeeklyEntertainment

Looking at the world of entertainment from a different angle, than you will find on websites and magazines.

Happy Paws Weekly Lifestyle

Looking at all areas such as food, exercise etc, sharing my opinions on the fads, trends and what is good for you to lead a healthy and happy life, so you can be healthy and happy like me.

Happy Paws Weekly Funnies

A joke or small snippet of humour to make you smile or if it is really good, a good old belly laugh,

And there will be more to come over the next few months.

All this delivered weekly to you for the small price of A$4 (about US$3) per month.

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