Russell Crowe, The Answer Is No. What?!

Russell Crowe, The Answer Is No. What?!

Stone the bloody Crowes!! (slang for I am surprised).

In the paper recently it was reported, the Aussie people in charge knocked him back not once but twice.

I don’t really understand what this is about but I know my Mum and Dad do not think it is fair. And if they are not happy then I am not either.

This person they are talking about is Russel Crowe. When I heard my Mum and Dad talking about him I think he is a famous actor.

It seems Russell was born in New Zealand, but has lived in Australia for a long time. He now wants to take up this thing called Citizenship but the people who rule us are saying no.

How can they say no to a person who:

  • Portrayed John Nash. He was really good at all things mathematical. Sounds important.
    Mum says this is a movie called A Beautiful Mind and it is one of her favourites.
  • He also, according to my Dad, won a prize, a gold thingy for being very good in an acting job called Gladiator. He played General Maximus Decimus Meridius, who was very important a long time ago.

I wonder if the general had a cat and if he did I bet his name was Max.

  • My dad says, he speaks like an Aussie. He owns a Rugby League team – South Sydney, this is near where I live. I bet he enjoys a refreshing ale of an afternoon and is also good to his friends, like I am with mine.
  • He has facial hair like me.
  • And his nickname is Rusty.

Maybe they have knocked him back because:

  • He still cheers on the New Zealand All Blacks which is a very good Rugby team.
  • Perhaps it was because he kissed Liz Hurley on television in his flannel shirt.
  • Or perhaps as it has been reported he didn’t fill out the form. Knowing how complicated they are, surely someone in the know could have helped him. Just my opinion.

Apart from these, and reading his qualities above, how can our rulers say no to him wanting to join Australia as a citizen?

I don’t know and it doesn’t seem fair.

All I can say is GO RUSTY!! MEOWWWWW!!

Let me know what you think?

Happy Purrs.

The photo was taken from the Daily Telegraph.