5 Top Ways To Get Instant Attention

5 Top Ways To Get Instant Attention

We all like attention and love. It is only natural.

But you humans sometimes make it difficult for yourselves.

Perhaps you think the subtle approach is right.

Or posting selfies on Instagram is the way to go.

But no, there are better ways.

Here are my 5 tops ways to get attention:

1.    If the person is working on their laptop, jump up and sit on it. Look down with a sad expression. Guaranteed, they will stop work immediately and give you a cuddle. One word of warning though, is to make sure you do not sit on the delete key.

2.    If they are watching a television program you do not like, jump up on their lap. Wrap your arms around them and give head butts to their face. Optional extra, lick their neck.

3.    If they are totally ignoring you, lie down in their pathway. This could be in the lounge or at the entrance to a doorway. They could step over you, but odds are they will give you a gentle belly rub, cuddle and a big smile.

4.    If you are trying to talk to them, but they are ignoring you, don’t shout or talk loudly. Instead meow quietly and incessantly. After a couple of minutes you will have their undivided attention.

5.    If they are sitting in the lounge talking, watching television or glued to their smart phones or tablets, what to do? Simple, go to the furthest place in the home, race at full speed pass them, up the stairs in record time and meow at the top in a pathetic tone. Works every time.

I am sure you have other tips. Why not share them with me on Facebook, Twitter or Meowmail me.

Happy Purrs.